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Pride Day 2017

Saturday 10th June

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Welcome to Gloucestershire Pride

Important Announcement

Dear Pride Supporters,

It with a heavy heart that we make the announcement that we will be bowing out with grace. Due to difficulties in funding, Gloucestershire Pride, the registered charity, will no-longer be hosting the annual "Pride Day" in 2018.

We have come up against many challenges and whereas we have had the most incredible time growing and bringing Gloucestershire Pride to you all we are unable to continue the day ourselves due to lack of funding.

As you know, it costs tens of thousands of pounds to put on "Pride Day in the Park" and with ever increasing challenges we have been unable to secure the funding we need to start preparations.

That said, as a UK registered charity. we are moving forward in a slightly different way. As per our aims and objectives we will be working on a smaller scale with local organisations to bring help, support and education around LGBT issues to the county. We will be setting up a new Facebook page in the new year and welcome you all to join and support us going forward.

That being said, "Pride Day" is going to happen. We will be handing over this Facebook account to the new committee, separate from the charity, who have already started putting plans in place to bring Pride Day in Gloucestershire to you in 2018.

Look out for our new Facebook page and come back here soon when we'll be sharing more information on what we're doing in 2018 and beyond.

Thank you for all your continued love, support & donations and we look forward to working with and supporting you in 2018.

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Gloucestershire Pride is a community focused organisation that aims to promote LGBT&I awareness over the whole year through various events, including in the Gloucestershire Pride Event day every June. Gloucestershire Pride also aims to act as an anchor for the LGBT&I community in Gloucestershire.

We are a committee made up of volunteers elected annually to plan, manage and run the key Pride week events and various fundraising events throughout the year. The organisation was formed from a group of people who got together to organise Gloucestershire's first Rainbow Day in 2006

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